Founded in 1991, Guangdong Fucheng Law Firm is a comprehensive law firm (License No: 24419200010639593) approved by Judicial Administrative Department of Guangdong Province, focusing on finance, real estate, civil, economic, criminal litigations and other non-litigation cases. By establishing high quality lawyer team, Guangdong Fucheng Law Firm provides our clients, nationally and internationally, with comprehensive, deepening, in-depth and effective legal services, under strict and scientific management and with the condition of outstanding office setting and office facilities.

According to social and operating requirement, the in-house law firm performs the reasonable profession division, establishing a couple of legal divisions to deliver classified services, including but not limited to, Division of Litigation and Arbitration, Division of Real Estate Property, Division of Corporate Law, Division of Foreign Investment, Division of Comprehensive Law and Administrative Division; Up to now, Guangdong Fucheng Law Firm is one of the biggest law firm in Dongguan, with the office of approximately 1,800 square meters and approximately 120 supporting staff.

Under good faith doctrine entrusted by law and the tenet of delivering high-test legal service, our law firm is willing to cooperate with all sectors of the society to create more wonderful 21 Century together.

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